They Say About Her

A voice like  Lisa’s  is hard to be improvised. Just like her deep and intense love for jazz and Brazilian music that emerges from each note of her Auditorio Intimo (cd). Her debut as composer and singer on her own, reveals one of the most sophisticated singers the Italian national nu jazz scenery could present.
Elio Bussolino, Rockerilla, La Repubblica, Premio Tenco


‘Judging by the accent with which she pronounces the Portuguese texts and her voice that seems born for singing bossa novas, it is hard to believe that she is Italian. "Auditório intimo" is a muito lindo album that contains in itself the variegated and colourful souls of her much loved Brazil : felicidade but tristeza and saudade as well. Auditório Íntimo is a cd that fulfills the expectations. Authentic and deep just like the title suggests, and also sunny like Brazil where the cd was recorded. A cd to be listened to with eyes shut on the beach on a mild summer evening, pretending you’re in Brazil.

Fabrizio Corgnati, Saltinaria


‘(L.M.) Voice full of personality, elegant, fascinating (…) she shows great ability with her instrument playing with flexibility her beautiful voice, entering in the songs with great skill and always harmoniously with the rest of the group.


Laura Mancini, Occhio Critico, review of the concert for the festival ‘Una Striscia di Terra Feconda’ held at Teatro Studio Parco della Musica of Rome